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From January 20th to February 14th, the 8th Annual Hot Chocolate Fest is taking place in various cafes around Vancouver. There will be around 35 cafes participating in this event, with 75 flavour combinations, ranging from classic hot chocolates to more adventurous concoctions such as the donkey milk hot chocolate from Mink Chocolates (ask for their “Hot Ass Hot Chocolate” if you’re curious). You can view the full list of decadent flavours, or pick up a walking map at any participating location, to plan out your own adventure. Remember, we only have 26 days to get these, and a few locations only serve their specialty drinks within a certain time frame.

Hot Chocolate Fest
Hot Chocolate Fest – See more details at

While I would love to drown myself to chocolate throughout the event, it just isn’t feasible for me to try everything. What I did end up doing is choosing a handful of cafes to visit, judging from flavour combinations and presentation.

Mon Paris Patisserie

The first stop on my list – Mon Paris Patisserie. I have always heard good things about this place, so it was due time that I pay a visit.

There was a nice spread of chocolates, macarons, small cakes, handmade marshmallows, and sweet baked goods at the counter. The chocolates look so divine and reminded me of the beautiful aesthetics of Gem Chocolates. There are rows of canneles, dolche de leche croissants, and kouign-amann that look so very enticing, but what I always end up getting is a slice of cake.

The Passionata mini cake is just so beautiful and simple. It sits on top of a honey biscuit base, and most of the cake is actually composed of a creamy, soft passion fruit mousse (yes, even what looks like a dollop of whipped cream on top).

Passionata cake - Honey biscuit, mango brunoise, passion fruit mousse.
Passionata mini cake – Honey biscuit, mango brunoise, passion fruit mousse. ($6.00)

Delicious bites of mango brunoise (diced mangos) stud the inside of the cake to enhance the fruity, sweet notes of the cake and gives it more texture overall. The passion fruit flavour of the glaze and mousse are bold and gives the perfect amount of sweet and sour. And since it’s a mini cake, it is easy to transport and eat individually.

Next up is the Mademoiselle Jasmine Hot Chocolate, and it looks absolutely amazing. It tastes like it was made with a dark chocolate, with a fresh strawberry flavour in various parts of the drink. Two beautiful handmade chocolates float above, which tastes like white chocolate strawberries.

Mademoiselle Jasmine Hot Chocolate - Dark hot chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry and flower chocolates with strawberry dust on top. ($7.50)
Mademoiselle Jasmine – Dark hot chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry and flower chocolates with strawberry dust on top. ($7.50)  Only available from January 20 to February 14, 2018.

To be honest, the hot chocolate itself was quite light in flavour, which made it taste less decadent than I had imagined. The chocolates were lovely though, and the red powder dusted on top actually tastes like strawberries as well, so it was a lovely surprise when I drank it. While it was a nice cup, I would have liked a stronger chocolate-forward flavour.

To end my little visit here, I brought home some Strawberry and Mango Marshmallows to share with everyone.

Handmade Strawberry and Mango Marshmallows ($8.00)
Handmade Strawberry and Mango Marshmallows ($8.00)

They taste like fresh fruit, which was great but also had a strong floral flavour. In any case, if you’re not a fan of floral-tasting anything, then I don’t know if you would like these. They are plump, soft, and a serious mouthful though, so I am very happy with my purchase!



  • Lovely presentation
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Small space (approx. 8 seats overall)
  • Friendly staff
  • Not a lot of savoury options
  • Beside Metrotown (easy access)


Mon Paris Patisserie

4396 Beresford St,
Burnaby, V5H 2Y4
(604) 564-5665

Mondays    Closed
Weekdays  8:00am – 6:00pm
Weekends  9:00am – 4:00pm

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