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Mille crepe cakes are becoming pretty popular nowadays, with shops like L’otus Cake Boutique, Candy Tree Dessert, and Miss Lina Crepe Cakes popping up in recent years. A place that I’ve been waiting to try is Sugar Lab, located minutes away from Metrotown mall and Royal Oak Skytrain station.

Sugar Lab, also known as "班戟之家".
Sugar Lab, also known as 班戟之家.

The interior is bright and clean, with natural lighting from the large windows and white, wooden tables and chairs. Taking a look around, there are a handful of tables that seat 4 chairs each. Since there is a lack of seating for multiple parties, a line will quickly form shortly after they open for the day. We were lucky to arrive at a good time, so we got seats right away. For those who need to wait, you can either wait for a free table, politely ask smaller groups if they mind sharing a table with you, or to take your treats to-go.

The menu lists a good selection of crepe cakes, shaved ice, sago, milk teas, brewed fruit teas, milk shakes, and slush. There are a few seasonal dishes and many recommended customer favourites such as the Mango Pancake (a must-have, apparently) and Serradura Pudding Plants. Just a quick note to add that they do not offer coffee or savoury dishes.

Sugar Lab menu pages 1-2.

Sugar Lab menu pages 3-4.

Sugar Lab menu pages 5-6.

The staff was friendly and gave us enough time to order our food. I ordered a Durian Crepe Cake slice, and my boyfriend ordered a hot Tofu Pudding with Mochi and Pearls. We both felt like something warm to share between us, since it was cold out, so we went with a recommended menu item – their hot, fresh brewed Fruit Tea.

The Durian Crepe Cake was absolutely delicious! I’ve tried only a few crepe cakes before this, and I have always wanted to like it.. but they have always fell a little short for me. Sugar Lab’s version, however, was just so delicate and soft, and so full of fruit flavour that I instantly fell in love.

Durian Crepe Cake. ($8.95 per slice)

Durian Crepe Cake. ($8.95 per slice)

Durian Crepe Cake. ($8.95 per slice)
Durian Crepe Cake. ($8.95 per slice)

Many crepe cakes have a whipped cream flavour that overshadows all other flavours, but this cake was the complete opposite. The creaminess of the durian complimented the cream really well, as if it became one cohesive flavour, and the layers were so light that it was easy to cut with my fork and I ate without fatigue. If you love durian, than you should definitely get this!

When our order of hot Tofu Pudding with Mochi (and added pearls) came, we were surprised at how hot and well composed it was. You also get an additional small cup of brown sugar syrup to add to the bowl if it’s not sweet enough for you (which I recommend). The pearls were soft, warm, and lightly sweet, and the mochi had a good amount of chew that gave a textural balance to the whole dish.

Hot Tofu Pudding with Mochi ($6.50, plus $0.50 for Pearls).
Hot Tofu Pudding with Mochi ($6.50, plus $0.50 for Pearls).

Tofu pudding is also called 豆花 (pronounced “dou hua”), and it’s a popular Chinese, Taiwanese, and Southeast Asian snack that can be enjoyed hot or cold, sweet or savoury, with several types of toppings, depending on which region or cuisine you’re referring to. The dou hua here tastes lightly of soybean, and the consistency is buttery smooth and unbelievably soft. I love how well the sugar syrup pairs with the pudding, as if I was drinking sweetened soy milk. This was a really lovely and unexpectedly great dish that will warm you up during the winter.

Hot Fresh-Brewed Fruit Tea ($6.75 for hot, $5.75 for cold).
Hot Fresh-Brewed Fruit Tea ($6.75 for hot, $5.75 for cold).

Next up, our hot, fresh-brewed Fruit Tea arrives to the table in a lovely glass teapot with cups to share. From what I can tell, there are a handful of chopped strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew floating inside. I take a sip and find that the tea is a bit on the sweet side, and has a subtle floral and tart flavour coming from the fruit. A tealight candle sits underneath the pot that maintains the heat of the tea. I would have liked to see a slightly lower price tag, though I still enjoyed the brief departure from the richness of my cake.

I’m glad I came to Sugar Lab! It’s definitely a great place to take a friend or a date on for a mid-afternoon dessert. Their desserts are just lovely, and I will be back for more.



  • Great crepe cakes
  • Tofu pudding is decent
  • Good selection of desserts
  • Arrive early before the cakes sell out!
  • Long, late hours
  • Nice date/chill place
  • No savoury foods or coffee


Sugar Lab

5376 Grimmer St
Burnaby, V5H 2E2
(604) 451-9149

2:00pm – 12:00am

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