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A Farewell to Pronto Caffe..

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Vancouver’s Cambie Village is saying it’s final farewell to a much beloved, local trattoria – Pronto Caffe. Sadly, this beautiful historic building will be demolished due to an upcoming redevelopment plan. The restaurant will close its doors after Saturday, March 3, 2018. If you want to come in to grab their popular Porchetta Sandwich, authentic Italian pastas, or refreshing drinks, then now is the time to do so.

Pronto Caffe

Pronto Caffe interior.

However, do not despair! When asked about their future plans, my waiter informed me that the owners are planning to re-open as Centro on 1037 Denman Street later this year. While most of the menu should remain unchanged, it sounds like it’s a possibility that they may no longer serve their awesome sandwiches.

After a long day yesterday, I was disappointed to learn that the Porchetta was completely sold out by the time I had arrived. I did, however, have other wonderful options in mind, so I went ahead and ordered Paradise Lost and a Meatball Sandwich.

Paradise Lost - A cocktail drink with lime and vodka. ($12.00)
Paradise Lost – A cocktail drink with lime and vodka. ($12.00)

The drink had strong acidic flavours from the lime, which was rounded out by the vodka. To be honest, I actually forgot to write down the list of ingredients that went into making this cocktail, but it was refreshing and very easy to drink. The flavours kind of remind me of an elegantly spiked lime soda. I rarely drink, so I apologize if my description isn’t as detailed.

Next up is my Meatball Sandwich, which arrived surprisingly fast. Large, house-made meatballs are packed into a baguette and topped with hot pomodoro tomato sauce and provolone cheese.

Meatball Sandwich - House-made meatballs, provolone, pomodoro tomato sauce. ($9.50)

Meatball Sandwich - Cross-section. ($9.50)
Meatball Sandwich – House-made meatballs, provolone, pomodoro tomato sauce. ($9.50)

The meatballs were more delicate and tender than I had imagined. Each mouthful, you get a hunk of beef in each bite, as well as the soft acidity from the tomato sauce and richness of the gooey cheese. As I stared out into the cold, rain splattered streets, I can’t help but feel comforted. The bread is similar to a bahn mi baguette, where the bread is airy, light, and breaks off easily, but still has some chew to it. There was just the right amount of cheese and seasoning to make it taste mellow and rounded. Messy to eat, but not greasy at all.

Since they were closing, I took a look at the menu again and ordered their 12″ Genoa Pizza for takeaway.

Genoa 12" Thin Crust Pizza - Salami, tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, mozzarella. ($15.00)
Genoa 12″ Thin Crust Pizza – Salami, tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, mozzarella. ($15.00)

The pizza arrived and I was in awe. It’s been a while since I’ve had artisan pizza, and looking at it just makes me want to smile. There were slices of salami on top, with roasted red peppers, and mozzarella, over a tomato sauce base. Before I left, I had a slice fresh, and found the flavour to be milder than I had anticipated. The salami was nice and savoury, while the rest of the pizza tasted a bit more sweet. I knew it was a thin-crust pizza before ordering, but I never knew how chewy this was! The crust was crunchy on the outer edges, and crazy chewy on the inside, where all the filling is. Despite not being my kind of crust, I appreciate this style and would definitely recommend this. Again, the flavours are more light, with little to no grease, so it is dangerously easy to finish this whole thing by yourself and have enough room for something else!

Thank you to all of the wonderful, attentive staff that made me feel welcome. I hope to visit Centro when it opens its doors, and I wish you guys the best of luck!

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  • Come early for Porchetta!
  • Last day Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • Balanced seasoning
  • Food is not greasy
  • Friendly service


Pronto Caffe

3473 Cambie St
Vancouver, V5Z 2W7
(604) 722-9331

Monday     closed
Tue – Sun  11:30am – 9:00pm

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