Wei-Ting Lin

Hi there, my name is Wei-Ting Lin, and I am a Front-End Web Developer and Food Blogger from Vancouver, BC.

As a kid, my interests gradually grew in design through taking courses in Photoshop, HTML, and art. A good chunk of my childhood was spent maintaining several websites with Freewebs, Geocities, and private web hosting. My idea of fun back then was to go to random web pages on the Internet and dissect their code so that I can apply that knowledge onto my own work. On other days, I like to video game and draw in my sketchbook. Nowadays, I love to take photos with my Nikon D5000 or Fujifilm X100T, work with crafting materials, eat or cook something delicious, and create new content for my Instagram – @pictureworkmemory.

In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University (SFU). During my studies there, I participated in co-op programs that gave me opportunities to work in web development, and I became the lead designer and front-end developer for the Genomics and Networks Analysis Lab (GeNA Lab) and the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program (TFHAP). Following graduation, I worked as a data entry clerk for Checkpoint1 Apparel Corp, which gave me additional experience working in Hootsuite and Excel. Currently, I work freelance as a food blogger for Hidden Gems Vancouver.

To gain a better my understanding of coding responsive web apps, good practices, and industry standards, I sought out development programs from Lifehouse Labs and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). At BCIT, I entered their Applied Web Development program and gained knowledge in HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript and jQuery, Angular JS, PHP, SQL and relational database design, business analysis, sales, systems design, UX/UI design, and XML. In addition, I am comfortable using programs such as Visio, Access, FTP, PowerPoint, Marvel App, and Git.

I am welcome to both web development work and collaborations. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me!